November 30, 2022


The Food Universe

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Alan Guebert

If up is up and down is down, it would make sense then that natural and organic food — specially foods that carries the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s treasured “USDA Organic” label — is organic and natural, proper?

Not all the time, maintains Francis Thicke, an Iowa natural dairy farmer introduced right here final month. In truth, Thicke and hundreds of other long-time natural farmers maintain that substantial parts, it’s possible even a the greater part, of USDA-labeled “organic” milk, eggs, and hydroponically-developed fruit and vegetables are not really organic and natural.

At the very least not natural and organic by USDA criteria in place ahead of Large Ag’s strong influence swept into the market a ten years in the past. Just after that, farming methods specifically not authorized by the Countrywide Natural and organic Expectations Board (NOSB)—like hydroponic output of any kind—have taken root.

As observed earlier, founded natural and organic farmers fought the moves just about every stage of the way. Thicke and some others fought from the within he served on the NOSB from 2012 by way of 2017 when hydroponic peddlers succeeded in successful USDA’s acceptance just seven yrs following NOSB banned “soilless” organic foods output or hydroponics, now often—and, in accordance to him, deceptively—labeled “container grown.”