December 7, 2022


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As consciousness about nutrition, health rises in post-COVID world, demand for Organic Food is set to surge

By Shivranjani Gupta,

If 1 beneficial could be drawn out of the devastating world COVID 19 disaster, it is the actuality that this calamitous pandemic has manufactured people additional conscious about the will need for much healthier lifestyles, nutrition as very well as their environmental footprint. The want to get rid of our unsustainable life has attained renewed currency in the submit pandemic planet. The purely natural corollary of this shifting consciousness has been a re-rising desire in healthful having as properly as in naturopathic rules that concentrate on strengthening the human overall body from in just. Need for neutraceuticals and immunity boosting meals has skyrocketed across the earth as persons look for to bolster them selves towards the viral scare. Medicinal herbs, spices, seeds and balanced oils are replacing traditional methods in households as Google lookup indicated manifold bounce in on line queries for naturopathic cures these kinds of as giloy and vitamin C. An emerging concentration on preventive healthcare is little by little but systematically bringing about a change in what we try to eat and the way we try to eat!

On the one particular hand, the demand from customers for useful meals encompassing neutraceuticals and health supplements has improved. On the other hand, human consciousness is having us back to all that is normal and organic and natural. To be good, a change in the direction of all-natural, chemical-free meals has been evidently obvious in the marketplace since the past two decades, but the COVID pandemic has provided it a certain-footed improve.

Organic food stuff and the partnership amongst diet and health and fitness

A marketplace investigate performed previous 12 months by Meticulous Analysis, the international organic and natural food market place is predicted to mature at a CAGR of 12.2% from 2020 to 2027 to reach USD 272.18 billion by 2027. As for each official estimates of the Ministry of Commerce, India’s exports of natural and organic food stuff merchandise grew by a whopping 51 for each cent 12 months-on-12 months in FY 2020-21 indicating strong demand from throughout the earth.

At the heart of this transition is the rising realization that suitable nourishment is the most important element for overall health. Over the earlier couple a long time, experiments have continuously cautioned us about the perils of extreme use of chemical substances, pesticides and fertilizers in agricultural practice. Not only has abnormal use of agrochemicals impacted the dietary position of the food stuff we eat, pesticide prevalence has also entered the complete food stuff chain, proper down to the groundwater. The wellness hazards can be evidently noticed in the variety of growing incidence of unique forms of cancers. Apparently, indiscriminate use of agrochemicals also degrades soil excellent, impacts nutrient absorption and contributes to beneath-diet.

The follow of organic and natural farming aims to roll back this effects by reverting to pure chemical-totally free agricultural practices. Organic foods is not only agrochemical totally free, it also is not laden with growth hormones or preservatives. Importantly, organically produced food items is most often domestically developed and sourced, generating it the best type of nutrition. Increasingly, as persons desire to do away with chemical compounds and health and fitness dangers from their plates, they are turning towards organic and natural foodstuff and are ready to devote much more cash into healthy ingesting. Clearly, much more people today are seeking at it as a variety of an investment in preventive healthcare. Soon after all, you are, what you take in!

Will need proceed to keep write-up the pandemic?

Even though COVID 19 has offered a definitive enhance to well being eating and intake of natural and organic foodstuff, this is not to propose that natural and organic food was not a fast escalating marketplace before the pandemic struck. In 2018, an ASSOCHAM-EY review advised that the natural and organic food marketplace was by now expanding at a CAGR of 25 for each cent in India. However, the demand from customers that was earlier mostly concentrated to metros and top rated tier cities is most likely to now penetrate down further to Tier II cities as nicely. In addition to, it is also expected to spread to a wider array of merchandise, not just fruits and vegetables. For illustration, demand from customers for natural and organic and raw honey is raising as people notice how important it is to consume immunity boosting foodstuff in their most natural condition to derive greatest positive aspects out of them.

The behavioural shift to healthful ingesting brought about by the pandemic is likely to continue to be and is envisioned to maximize the share the organic farming in India’s agricultural landscape. India at the moment accounts for fewer than 1 per cent of the world natural market and there is huge scope of development in this domain. As for each formal estimates of the Ministry of Agriculture, just about 2.78 million hectare of farmland in India was less than organic cultivation as of March 2020. In point, a bulk of natural farming in India is concentrated to only 3 states with Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Maharashtra accounting for practically 50 % the area under natural and organic cultivation. The developing demand for organic and natural make is also likely to improve penetration of natural and organic farming in India in the coming a long time.

(The writer is Chief Advertising and marketing Officer, Aware Food. Views expressed are personal and do not mirror the official situation or policy of the Financial Specific On the net.)