Industrialist Harsh Goenkas Twitter Thread About Street Food Is Making Us Hungry

Industrialist Harsh Goenkas Twitter Thread About Street Food Is Making Us Hungry

One of the most interesting aspects of any place we visit is the local delicacies. When we make our travel plans with family or friends, we look for the “special” food items that the place has to offer. Given India’s vast cultural and linguistic diversity, there is never enough time to try all the amazing flavours at all the amazing places. We treat ourselves to the most popular dishes in the area. Apart from those, there is a world of street food items that carry the true essence of the place. Industrialist Harsh Goenka took to Twitter to share some of his most favourite street food items, and the ensuing discussion is making us super hungry.

When industrialist Harsh Goenka said his favourite street food was from Kolkata, Jhalmuri and Ghugni immediately came to mind. His other suggestions were Phuchka, also known as Golgappe, Gupchup, Pani Puri in many parts of the country, and Alur (aloo) Dom, another quintessential Bengali speciality. He shared images of each of these items, which without doubt can make us crazily hungry any time of the day. Take a look:

Jhalmuri is a mix of spices and puffed rice tossed with onion, cucumber, tomatoes, peanuts and green chillies. Ghugni is mildly spicy and supremely tasty dish of peas cooked with onions, tomato and some spices. If you want you can also turn this ghugni into chaat by adding mashed potato tikki and a little dressing. Phuchka is crunchy sooji-atta balls filled with spicy mashed potato and tangy tamarind water. For the filling, you can also add spiced-up peas. There are basically two types of aloo dum in Bengal based on the use of onion and garlic to the recipe: “Amish [Non-Vegetarian]” and “Niramish [Vegetarian]”.

Many people said they agreed with Mr Goenka, the 63-year-old chairman of the RPG Group, about his opinion of the street food in Kolkata.

Another user said she is also a “chaat-and-pani puri addict” and hailed the mouth-watering snacks he included in his tweet.

A third user urged the industrialist to try the street food of Varanasi and he “will forget Kolkata.”

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From couples at Victoria Memorial to college-going youths, and friends gathering at the evening “adda” to executives taking a time out — life in Kolkata is incomplete without its street food. Do you agree?

Later, the Twitter thread by Harsh Goenka became a wholesome discussion around street food of India. Users across the country participated in discussing the street-style delights of the country. Many other Twitter users also poured in pictures and names of their favourite street food items from across the country. The tantalising images were enough to make us drool and crave some Chaat instantly. Take a look:

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What’s your all-time favourite street food? Tell us in the comments below.