December 7, 2022


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Luscious street foods in Guwahati that you should absolutely try

Rich fragrant dishes with a mouth-watering complicated of flavours are the culinary path of almost all North Indian states. And Guwahati, the cash of Assam is no distinct. Inspired by the culinary practices of neighbouring states, the dishes cooked or eaten by the locals of Guwahati are the melting pot of exclusive flavours that you rarely find anywhere. Dishes stimulated by the Tibetan, Burmese and even Bangladeshi delicacies are majorly uncovered at each individual road foods stall all over the Assam. You can count on a spicy yet comforting mix of regional aromatic herbs and normal spices when you flavor the road foodstuff of Guwahati.

Below are a few dishes from the city that you simply need to check out.


Famed all above the entire world and relished by persons of practically just about every age group, the delectable Momo traces its roots back to Tibet. Becoming one particular of the most popular northeastern dishes, you will locate again to again food items stalls of momos on the streets of Guwahati. Ideal from standard dumplings, steamed, deep-fried to varied varieties- momos are just the favourite snack of locals and website visitors and are ordinarily relished with an old-type chilli dip. Together with assorted vegetarian versions, you will also obtain momos designed with the stuffing of mushrooms, rooster, prawns or pork about right here.



Not only satisfies your hunger pangs but it also gives you a feeling of comfort as it is gentle on the abdomen and contains nourishing elements. Thukpa is a standard dish of Guwahati and pretty much just about every road food items stall is decked with this warm and refreshing saucer. Fragrant with a variety of refreshing elements like lemongrass, ginger and fish sauce and garnished with vegetarian staples or shredded chicken, pork or prawns, some spring onion and clean herbs- the one of a kind texture and flavour it supplies will articles your physique and soul.



The stars of this dish are meat, fish or even duck and these are further cooked with greens and pulses. Further, the drinking water used in this dish is sifted out from grilled banana peel to twist the essence of the dish and to provide out an unanticipated flavor and refreshing burst of flavours. You can have it with rice or simply basic. Khaar is viewed as terrific to relieve out digestive concerns and is also distinguished for its varied nutritional benefits.

Tekeli Pitha

Tekeli Pitha is in essence rice flour cakes that are organized with the filling of jaggery and grated coconut. The batter combine very well and more steamed to preserve the general dish health and fitness-pleasant. Local fragrant components affix a exclusive flavour to it and its preparation method will make it a powerhouse of various vitamins. This dish is usually paired with a cup of tea to get pleasure from a healthful and finish breakfast.

Aloo pitika

A further dish that can be on your list is Aloo pitika. It is an very simple still flavorful dish that is ready with boiled mashed potatoes. Assamese connect with this dish their comfort and ease meals as it can easily be well prepared in just a few minutes and showcase exceptional Assamese touch. To give it a exceptional flavour, mashed potatoes are further more cooked in mustard oil with onions, inexperienced chilli, coriander, and salt. It is frequently served with rice and occasionally natives consumed it as a aspect dish.

Aloo Pitika

In addition to tasty fragrant flavours, the north-jap states ordinarily imagine in consuming nourishing meals items. Try out these over-talked about dishes to relish that neighborhood zest on the streets of Guwahati and do enable us know which one particular is your favourite.

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