November 28, 2022


The Food Universe

Organic farm rules need to be reviewed soon, not slowly rewritten

Alan Guebert

Virtually all the things about Francis and Susan Thicke’s southeastern Iowa, organic dairy farm whispers bucolic: a herd of Jersey cows and calves graze on rolling acres of green pastures amid fenced farm fields and acres and acres of tree-thick woods.

Even the farm’s title, Radiance Dairy, relays an straightforward calm.

But there’s almost nothing quiet about the food stuff fight the Thickes (pronounced tick-ee) and their organic colleagues have taken on due to the fact 2018 when they formed the Actual Organic Software to challenge what they see as the “compromised standards” of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Nationwide Natural Plan, or NOP.

Fights more than natural expectations are older than NOP alone. In truth, very clear, countrywide, and enforceable organic and natural standards were a key explanation Congress made NOP in 1990.