Qatari investments sought for refinery projects in Indonesian province of Aceh

A delegation from Indonesia is seeking Qatari investments in a wide range of sectors, such as agriculture, education, and sports, as well as in energy, particularly in the country’s refinery sector, an official has said.
Korina Refinery Aceh director Said Malawi, who was part of the delegation to Qatar, told Gulf Times that the Indonesian government is inviting investors from Qatar to explore its refinery sector and forge joint projects for different downstream products, such as jet fuel, diesel, and lube oil, among others.
Aside from the refinery sector, Indonesia is also seeking Qatari capital for various projects related to the agriculture, meat production, and halal sectors, Malawi also pointed out.
In terms of trade, Malawi emphasised that the regular arrival of business delegations to Qatar forms an integral part in the further development of both countries’ bilateral relations, most importantly, the growth in Qatar-Indonesia trade volume.
According to Malawi, Indonesia has played a significant and pioneering role in Qatar’s LNG industry, which reflects both countries’ longstanding relations and robust bilateral ties.
“Indonesia prides itself as a major partner in Qatar’s LNG journey. But aside from the hydrocarbon industry, we are supporting the State’s diversification strategy by continuing to export Indonesian products to the Qatari market,” Malawi stated.
“Not only is Indonesia focused on Qatar’s retail industry, but we are also supporting the State’s food security efforts by exporting different types of agriculture and halal food products, as well as other similar items,” he also said.
Malawi said the delegation is scheduled to visit the Indonesian Embassy in Qatar and meet with a variety of companies in Qatar to explore different ways to promote Indonesia to investors and encourage them to expand their footprint in Southeast Asia.
“The Indonesian embassy has detailed information on the needs of the Qatari market and our ambassador could guide us to the right investors and businesses that we could work with going forward,” he emphasised.
Malawi added that Indonesia could play a key role when Qatar hosts the FIFA World Cup, which is slated from November 21 to December 18, by exporting more food products and other exports during the event.