November 28, 2022


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Super Easy Smoked Turkey Brine

This straightforward, typical smoked turkey brine presents you the juiciest, most delicious holiday break turkey you’ve at any time tasted.

You can use this smoked turkey brine for our delectable smoked turkey recipe or for our baked turkey tenderloin, roasted turkey breast, sous vide turkey, or any other poultry recipe.

Turkey Brine in a pot.

Smoked Turkey Brine for a Juicy Chicken

Don’t permit the words turkey brine scare you. It is tremendous uncomplicated to make basic turkey brine for a tremendous juicy smoked turkey recipe. Just be certain you have the proper applications and the suitable fowl and you’ll be all set to go.

To brine or not to brine?

That is the age-old issue. The response is to try out preparing your turkey numerous distinct ways and opt for your beloved. We highly advise soaked brining your turkey before you smoke your hen. Even so, we really do not think you want to brine your hen if you are roasting it in the oven. To each individual their very own.

If you are asking yourself when to use a dry brine, that publish is coming soon!

We made use of this smoked turkey brine for our smoked turkey recipe and due to the fact the turkey sits in the smoker for a entire working day, a brined chicken retains a bit additional moisture than an un-brined turkey.

How to Choose a Turkey

This brine phone calls for a 12-15 pound turkey that has not been addressed. What does that imply?

Quite a few turkeys are already injected with a brine. If you check out to brine a fowl that is previously brined or taken care of you are throwing away your precious time. The chook will not soak up as significantly of your do-it-yourself brine!

Just look at on the turkey’s packaging to make guaranteed that the fowl is bare and cost-free of any treatment.

Smoked turkey brine ingredients on a plate.

Here’s What You Need

Here’s all you have to have to correctly moisten and flavor your Thanksgiving turkey. You will need a handful of brine elements and a several resources and then you will be all set to put together your brine.

Just before you get started, be certain you crystal clear a place in the fridge for your brining container!

A Massive Pot

This is initial on the checklist, mainly because if you really do not have a vessel for your smoked turkey brine, you’re going to have a challenge. There are a few unique issues you can use to brine your turkey. We applied a pot, but truly feel free to use any of the vessels beneath.

If you have a container with a lid, wonderful! If not you can include the brining container with plastic wrap or a dish towel.


Figure out how several persons you are serving and locate a turkey that will serve those people persons.

Remember to uncover your self an untreated hen and for goodness sakes be positive you clear away the innards from the human body cavity of the chook right before you flop it into the brine.

Now, this brining recipe is developed for a 12-15 pound turkey. If that is way too massive of a turkey for you have no anxiety, leftovers are normally a fantastic thing. Did you know you can now purchase a turkey on Amazon? Indeed, it’s genuine.

Make our leftover turkey soup or turkey salad. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

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For damp brining, you can use kosher salt and table salt interchangeably. We like to use kosher salt for brining in standard, but you can use either.

Fresh Herbs

We use new rosemary and fresh new thyme for this smoked turkey brine. If you only have dry herbs, have to fear, you can use people in its place! This isn’t the kind of recipe where by dry or fresh herbs make a huge difference.

An additional exciting herb ingredient is a bay leaf! Throw a several bay leaves in the brine for anything more!

Garlic + Onion

Garlic and onion give this turkey brine a tiny bit of flavor. We utilised refreshing garlic and white onion but you can use pre-minced garlic or a various coloration onion.


Peppercorns include a bit of peppery taste to your bird!  Don’t have peppercorns? A enjoyment way to add a bit of a chunk to your brine is to increase total cloves!

Adding water and salt to a small saucepan.


Should really I Insert Sugar to My Brine?

We didn’t add anything sweet to our turkey brine recipe, but experience free to increase 1/4 cup of brown sugar to your brine by dissolving it into the drinking water with the salt. You can also insert 1/2 cup of apple juice to your brine just before you increase the chook.

Do I have to thaw a Turkey In advance of I Brine it?

We propose that your turkey is generally thawed in advance of you add it to the brine. You can have a several frozen parts of the turkey, but you want to turkey to be thawed enough to soak up the brine and clear away the innards, etc

How Very long Do I Brine a Turkey?

If you’re likely to consider the time to moist brine a turkey, brinning the turkey right away will make it all really worth it!

flavorful turkey seasoning in a bowl

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Turkey Seasoning

Ditch the keep-acquired turkey seasoning and use the most Flavorful Turkey Seasoning manufactured with 9 components you can essentially pronounce. This seasoning is produced up of garlic powder, brown sugar, kosher salt, and other basic seasonings.

get recipe

Pouring salt into a small saucepan with water.

How to Brine a Turkey

  1. Get ready your container. Wipe out no matter what container you are making use of for the turkey brine and be certain it fits in the refrigerator and will have more than enough space for both of those the brine and the turkey.
  2. Get the turkey all set. Get rid of the innards from the turkey and slice off any unwelcome pieces of the chicken.
  3. Dissolve the salt. It is crucial that the salt is dissolved in the water for the brine. To do this you heat up water and incorporate salt. In its place of heating up gallons of h2o, we propose that you heat up 2 cups of drinking water and 1 cup of salt right until the salt is dissolved. Do not provide the water to a boil.
  4. Include every thing to the pot. Include the salt drinking water to the brining container and insert the relaxation of the bringing ingredients to the pot. Insert the turkey to the brine and be certain it is entirely submerged in the brine.
  5. Refrigerate. You really do not want to mess with temperature when it arrives to brining a chook. Area your turkey in the refrigerator to continue to keep it interesting.
  6. Refrigerate. You don’t want to mess with temperature when it arrives to brining a hen. Area your turkey in the fridge to keep it interesting. Some men and women like to brine their turkey in a cooler, but it is much less reputable. 
  7. Discard brine and prep the turkey for smoking. When the turkey has brined right away cautiously clear away the turkey from the brine and location it in a roasting container. Discard the brine. Meticulously rinse the hen with water and pat the chook dry. Then, adhere to the recipe for this smoked turkey.
Pouring water into a huge pot.

Smoked turkey on a platter

A turkey in a large pot.